"A face is three dimensional; this is why we design and manufacture frames in three dimensions. Anything else would be a compromise."
Hans Stepper Founder, STEPPER EYEWEAR

The comfort and fit of a STEPPER frame is the brand’s principle differentiator and the reason for its success. The most important function of an ophthalmic frame is to hold a pair of lenses correctly and comfortably before the eyes with the utmost precision and comfort.

A good fit on the nose is derived from knowledge on the best fitting angles for gender and ethnicity. This involves more knowledge in comfort and fit than simply just the nose.

STEPPER's face profile knowledge ensures every frame fits almost unnoticed, minimising slip and pressure against the head and ear

"A good fit on the nose, knowledge on the best fitting angles per gender and region makes the difference to standard nose fits."

There are a number of criteria that materials for frame making should meet.

lightweight   Lightweight

flexible   Flexible

durable   Durable

corrosion resistant   Corrosion Resistant

hypoallergenic   Hypoallergenic

TX5 TX5The material for all STEPPER plastic frames is a Nylon-derived Polyamide with the following properties: 25% lighter than conventional plastic material Tougher, to allow much thinner frames Harder for greater scratch resistance Free of allergic reactions
The material for all STEPPER metal frames and metal components of TX5 frames with outstanding properties: 50% lighter than all other metals used 100% corrosion-free Free of allergic reactions 100% nickel-free
The best choice among the more traditional metals. Stainless Steel is lighter than Monel or Nickel Silver. It is very tough and highly flexible. Stainless Steel allows much thinner frame components and the use of frames made from a thin sheet.
The materials used in the NXT frame are Trivex, a castable polymer, developed and produced by PPG (Pittsburgh Plate Glass) Industries, Ohio, USA. Originally developed for the USA Military for its outstanding properties: Lightweight Optical clarity Almost indestructible


Design is where we turn something practical into something desirable. Knowledge of anatomy, materials, manufacturing processes, the need for comfort and fit and the requirement to hold lenses correctly in front of the eye unite under ‘design’. When a frame is recognised as a ‘STEPPER’ before you even see the logo, you realise there is a true design DNA in the brand. With up to 150 new styles launched every year, it takes a team of skilled frame designers to keep delivering truly outstanding designs that look as good on as they feel.<
technology_013-D design of all TX5 frames creates perfect fit and a three-dimensional shape around the face.
A self-developed moulding system allows rim thickness of 1.3 mm on TX5 frames, amongst the thinnest and lightest frames on the market.
5-colour pad printing creates an unlimited pattern and colour features on TX5 frames.

Laser welding of Titanium and Beta-Titanium frames create safe and solid joining between the frame parts.
Laser cutting is used to cut out complicated frame parts from Beta-Titanium sheets.

IP-plating of all Titanium and Beta-Titanium frames and parts is the base for an extensive range of beautiful gold and rhodium plating tones.