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The bespoke TX5 material is Stepper’s exclusive state-of-the-art Polyamide. Engineered
to meet exceptionally high standards, TX5 is the basis of Stepper Plastic frames. 

Contributing features of Stepper TX5 frames include:
  • Light weight

  • Superior styling, fit and durability

  • High stability and impact strength

  • High transparency

  • Good memory properties

  • Hypoallergenic qualities

  • Endless colouring possibilities


Stepper Titanium frames use the most advanced Titanium and Beta-Titanium which are proven to be light, flexible and strong. Their exceptional qualities lend themselves to
distinctive and stylish designs. 

STEPPER metal, metal plastic combination and rimless frames are designed to be: 

  • Lightweight – Titanium frames are half the weight of nickel silver frames

  • Corrosion Resistant – Titanium is completely impervious to aggressive liquids like salt water, sweat, mineral and organic acids

  • Absolutely Allergy Free – This property is the most significant because all other commonly used frame materials contain potentially allergy causing nickel, which is totally banned in some countries in the manufacture of spectacles and jewellery


The materials usd in the NXT frame are Trivex, a castable polymer, developed and produced by PPG (Pittsburgh Plate Glass) Indisutries, Ohio, USA. Originally developed for the USA Military for its outstanding properties:

  • Lightweight 

  • Optical clarity

  • Almost indestructible



The best choice among the more traditional metals. Stainless Steel is lighter than Monel or Nickel Silver. It is very tough and highly flexibe. Stainless Steel allows much thinner frame components, and the use of frames made from thin sheet.



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